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Using Klaxoon has been a real game-changer at CloudAssist for both our internal employees to help surface ideas in a more collaborative environment and externally allowing us to engage customers in a more modern style of working. 


Historically we would have on-boarded new employees with a series of checklists and stand-alone documents full of information. Using a Klaxoon board to facilitate this process has allowed us to bring the core learning topics to the focus of our new hires whilst also allowing them a persistent space to refer to and add to with their own thoughts and notes.  


Embedding links to training & learning material on a single board has proven to be more effective than drafting and sharing a long list of sites with our new hires as invariably these documents would have been lost or taken longer to get to. In practical terms, Klaxoon has saved us time. 


We have used Klaxoon with our customers to introduce a more modern style of working, more so now than ever as most of the global workforce have moved to a ‘remote-first’ environment. 


We have embedded Klaxoon into our first engagement with customers where the concept is to ‘ideate’. Traditionally this would have been primarily one-way with CloudAssist leading and teasing out a use-case (to work on during our engagements) from the customer. 


A shared board has facilitated two-way conversations from all participants on the call and not just the most senior. The ability for everyone on the call to add notes, view the board at their own pace and see the end goal for the meeting has made all the difference.  


Using categories and some of the pre-defined templates allow us to prioritise ideas whilst also allowing the customer to feel that their opinions have been taken on-board. It may sound simple but the ability to come back in and view the board at any time from where we left off is a key differentiator of using Klaxoon. 


CloudAssist are a remote first company and amazingly we have not met a single customer face to face in over three years. We can safely say that Klaxoon has been integral to us in helping map out new processes, onboard new employees (all remotely) and allowed all employees to visually see where our “North Star” is. 


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