Simplified office access + collaboration

Hybrid work offers employees the freedom and flexibility to determine when and where they work.


It can also build trust between employer and employees, broaden your talent pool, and save on costs.


A hybrid working arrangement can also presents its challenges, however:

1. It can be difficult for employees to arrange a suitable day or time to work together in-person.

2. There is lack of visibility on how many are in the office each day, and if resources are available.


Our HybridAssist App gives your employees the ability to book an individual desk or space within a collaborative zone within a given building.


Employees can search the location status of their co-workers to check if and when they will also be in the office or if they will be WFH – Working From Home / Hub.

Synced collaboration, optimised hybrid working.

App Highlights

  • Book your location and desk in the office or set your status as working from home / hub.
  • Workers can coordinate times to collaborate in-person together, maximising productivity, while retaining the benefits of flexibility.
  • Manage building occupancy levels to maintain social distancing and health guidelines, and / or reduce spend.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of the workforce through encouraging WFH. Employees can measure carbon miles saved.

Additional Benefits

  • Data stored securely in Dataverse which is Microsoft Power Platform’s cloud database.
  • All data is retained in your own tenant and access to the app is strictly for your employees, so the access is fully protected.
  • App can be deployed and run through a browser, Microsoft Teams or as a standalone app on your desktop or mobile.
  • The carbon saving from working from home or local hub is calculated and collated for the whole organization including guest.